Frequently asked questions


What if i damage the consoles/controlers?

We will access the damaged when equipment is returned. Please do not attempt to repair the item yourself or send in for repair. If repair is required, deposit will be put on hold and the repair cost will be deducted from it. If equipment is beyond reparation, Full amount will be charged according to the official price stated on official websites.

How do i know if the consoles/controller is in good working condition?

For self collection, our staff will usually go through the equipment and ensure that everything is in good condition before renting it to you.
For delivery, we conduct before and after checks for our equipment, in any case if the equipment you received is in bad or non workable conditions, contact our staff immediately for a solution.

What constitude as damage?

Any major scratches or scuff marks on the consoles/controller, water or moisture damage, are considered damage.

*Minor scuff marks on the console or contoller are considered normal use, not damage.

What if there are technical problems with the console, contoller or games that i just rented?

Contact our staff immediately for any problems with the console/controller, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Most of the problem can be easily rectify example wrong settings, weak battery, or user error. If the problem persist, we will try to replace the rented item (subjected to availability) to ensure there is no delay with your rental.

It is my first time renting, how do i go about it?

Browse our collection of consoles and games! Next just head to our rental forms and fill out the necessary information (item,date etc). We will contact you within a few hours for confirmation. That's it you're done! Let's rentagame!

Is a deposit required?

Rest assured that deposit is refundable, Deposit is required upon collection and will be refunded during returning of item. Deposit amount will varied between item. Rentagame reserves the right to hold onto your deposit if equipment is not returned on time, lost of equipment or any form of damages.

Due to unforseen circumtances, I am unable to return the rented items on time, what should i do?

Contact us immediately if you are unable to return the equipment on time. As some items are planned ahead on schedule, delayed of returning might results in the failure of rental for the next customer, we will impose a penalty charge for any delayed in returning. *If equipment is not scheduled for any rental after you, we will proceed with an extension instead, only payment of extension is needed, no penalty charges will occur for given situation.

Can i get a refund of my reservation/rental fee if decided to cancel the rental?

As we go by a strict policy of reservation for our customer, reservation/advance rental fee are non refundable once confirmed. We do however allow the changing of equipment or date subjected to availability. Do check out our Terms and Conditions to understand more!