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Terms & Conditions

Rental Collection/Return Time

 Rental orders can be collected/delivered 1 day before start of rental date between 5pm-7pm.
 Rental orders can be returned/delivered 1 day after end of rental date between 11am-3pm.

Rental Delivery

  • Bookings that commence on Saturday will be eligible for the $9.90 flat price for delivery.

  • Bookings that commence on any other day will be charged accordingly (by distance and item).



  • All consoles/games are sanitized before any rental.

  • Games and consoles are subjected to availability.

  • We do not rent out games separately.

*If you require a game that is not in the game list, please contact us to see if we can obtain it.


Duration of rental 

Minimum rental duration is 2 days.

Extension of rental

  • Any consoles/games that are extended for one week will receive a 15% discount.

  • Extension of rental period is subjected to availability.

  • Should you choose to extend your rental period, additional rental fee will be charged base on the duration and item.

Damage or misuse of items

  • All games are in good usable conditions.

  • Wear & tear or any damages will be highlighted prior bookings.

  • You will be liable for any charges required for the damage/lost or replacement of missing items. 

  • Do ensure that the games received are of good condition, you will be reliable for any damages found or missing item after rental.

  • If games are returned with excessive damage or beyond replacement/reparation, Rentagame reserved the right to get a replacement set base on the actual retail price. Rental fee will not be deducted nor discounted.

In addition to the rental cost, a $100 deposit will be required. If any of the following occurs, the deposit may be deducted or forfeited:

  • Damage/loss of rental items

  • Late return of rental items


*Deposit will be refunded 0-2 working days after the return of rental items.

Refunds and Cancellations

  • Reservation will be made immediately after payment has been made.

  • There will be no refund for cancellations after payment have been made for the rental. 

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