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Race Car

 Dimensions: 3m x 2m  |  1x Powerpoint required 

Players control a physical remote-controlled kart that has a built-in camera, which streams a live feed to their Nintendo Switch console. The game creates a virtual racecourse on the player's floor and allows them to drive their kart around obstacles and compete against other players on-screen. Players can customize their karts with various designs and race in different modes, such as Grand Prix and Time Trials. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit provides a unique and immersive gaming experience that combines physical play with digital technology.



Driving Simulator

 Dimensions: 2m x 2m  |  1x Powerpoint required 

Participants enjoy a thrilling experience at the driving simulator, seated in a car-like setup with steering wheels, pedals, and screens projecting virtual driving environments. They navigate through simulated courses, dodging obstacles and competing with others, all while experiencing driving simulation and immersive audio effects. It's entertaining for all ages, providing a taste of driving excitement.



Slot Car

 Dimensions: 2m x 2m  |  1x Powerpoint required 

Feel the thrill as you take control of miniature slot cars powered by lightning-fast electricity! Race against your friends or family members on specially designed tracks, navigating hairpin turns and straightaways with lightning reflexes.  The objective is to maneuver the cars around obstacles, navigate sharp turns, and compete against other players for speed and precision. These games often offer excitement for participants of all ages, providing an interactive and competitive experience.

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